4 Simple Steps to Flawlessly Launch Your Online Business

invest mentor online business timelines vision visionary planner Mar 24, 2021

You’re meant for more. 

More freedom, more money, more happiness, you name it...

And your online business can unlock it all — if you start right and start now.

So let’s put an end to your worries, face your fears, and get your online business into the world. After all, knowing it’s been done before and that there’s a path forward is the first step in overcoming the fear of the unknown. 

Follow these 4 simple steps to finally launch your online business — and instantly transform your life. . . 

Step 1: Get clear on who you need to become

You weren’t born a fitness professional, were you? 

Of course not. 

You didn’t wake up one day and suddenly have doctorate-level knowledge about kinesiology, the ability to program perfect workout routines, and killer coaching cues for the most complex lifts.

You studied, learned, practiced and eventually mastered your craft to get where you are now.

The same is true for online entrepreneurship

You can’t launch a product tomorrow and expect it to achieve massive success without studying your audience, mastering your niche, copywriting, marketing, and creating and posting valuable content.

We at The Visionary Planner didn’t hop out of bed one day and know every step to launching an online empire. Nor did we start coaching people like you later that afternoon.  All of this took time and we had to earn our place in the market through focused effort.

We made the intentional decision to become entrepreneurs. And from there, we took the necessary steps to master our craft. 

We had to know our information on another level, we had to have our confidence at an all-time high. And we had to rid ourselves of that fear by flipping our mindset to that of the thought leaders.

Now, I challenge you to do the same.  

If you’re going to do this, stop expecting instant gratification and start becoming a student of the game.

Right now, you have to decide to become that visionary you say you want to be. You have to embrace, accept, and understand that role.

Next up...

Step 2: Develop timelines

It won’t happen overnight…

If you truly want to control your own destiny, control your own business, write your own checks, and build your own dreams, you need to look ahead.

Start now by developing 3-month, 6-month, 9-month, and 12-month timelines. Consider these your blueprint to success — keeping you on track when you get greedy, lazy, frustrated, and stuck (again).

Cause if I’m being honest, you’ll experience all of those emotions – and then some. 

Timelines are what launched our business. 

The Visionary Planner business was the result of carefully crafted timelines.  

Now you’re probably wondering what to put on those timelines, right?   

Well, that’s the kind of information you need to get from an expert you trust in the next step…

Step 3: Invest in a mentor 

It’s not (always) what you know — it’s who you know, too. 

Go get in the good graces of someone who has been there before. 

Don’t know anyone? Ping me. 

Success leaves clues and there’s no sense in wasting time, energy, and money repeating the same mistakes so many others have experienced before you.

It’s hard to have clarity on the big picture without someone else helping you focus.

Back when we were just staring out, when times got hard (and they sure did), we always leaned on our mentors. We suggest you do the same. 

All the blogs and books in the world can only get you so far. You need that individualized attention from someone who has been in your shoes. 

Even professional athletes still need coaches (LeBron, Tiger, Tom Brady, Lionel Messie … and the list goes on). 

Ditch the ego, overwhelm, and anxiousness — get the right coach in your corner right now. 

Step 4: Take action

Consider this your final wake up call

There’s no time better than the present to take action…

Imperfect action is always better than no action. So, get clear on who you want to become, start crafting your timelines, find a mentor, and get movin’!  

Action always beats intention.

Go out there and be a visionary in your life. It’s time to build your dream… 

And we at The Visionary Planner can show you how.

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