How Two Book Publishers Made The Leap Online And Turned Pages Into Profit

reviews Jul 25, 2021

Greg and Kelly are brick-and-mortar business owners in the fitness industry who both knew they needed to pivot into online business. Oh, and get this: Kelly is in New York, and Greg is in Kansas City. 1,200 miles apart. So how they made it so far before building an online business is amazing.

Luckily, Kelly and Greg anticipated the online revolution. According to Greg: “We knew looking into the future that we could not rely on face-to-face revenue forever. So The Visionary Planner became the obvious choice. We knew we had a niche, and The Visionary Planner helped us carve it out.”

But before The Visionary Planner, Greg and Kelly were completely overwhelmed.

Success Was Overwhelming

Greg and Kelly’s biggest problem? Runaway success. 

“We had 50 authors under contract before we could take a breath. We had to work backwards to build our foundation. If we didn’t get this under control, it would all fall apart like a house of cards.”

Wow. You finally take off, only to be held back by the invisible barriers to building an online business. Now Kelly and Greg are savvy online business owners, and they didn’t make many mistakes, except for one big one: Creating only a website.

They Knew A Website Wasn’t Enough To Build A Successful Online Business

The world runs on Web 2.0, and websites are as relevant as email chain-letters if you don’t have the right online marketing, audience, and messaging in place. Think of a website as using snail mail: You use it once in a while, for sure, but your online business shouldn’t revolve around it. 

Greg learned that lesson the hard way before The Visionary Planner:

“Our initial thought was everything revolves around a website. We realized through The Visionary Planner that [centering your online business around a website] wasn’t the priority. The Visionary Planner helped us validate the idea we envisioned and build (our online business) from the ground-up.” 

Read on to see how Kelly and Greg leaned-in to The Visionary Planner, and not only seamlessly served their clients, but took more on.

Building Their Infrastructure

Sometimes minor problems add up to major ones, and that’s why Kelly and Greg utilized The Visionary Planner’s expert support to make the most of their second chance at building an online business.

If you ask Kelly, The Visionary Planner provides “All the building blocks to building an online brand and getting coaching through the process.”

We like to reward our students. You earn it, you follow our step-by-step process, then you should reap the benefits. All we do is put you on the best and fastest path to success.

In Kelly’s words: “All the pieces were sequentially given to us so we could build our online business along the way: The market research, pricing, tiering, structure, marketing, etc.”

And the list goes on. All you need to know is that it’s all there for you with The Visionary Planner.

Greg could see it too: “The Visionary Planner helped us realize that we’re not just a service business. Ultimately, we’re providing solutions to our clients’ problems. The solution to not knowing how to write a book.”

When you’re an expert in one industry, it’s easier to adapt those skills to another. And the only secret is knowing the fundamentals. Again, Greg liked that about us too: 

“With The Visionary Planner, you’re building a solid foundation. Your business is built on concrete, not sand.”

Turning the Foundation Into a Sustainable Business

Take their word for it. Kelly and Greg had shopped around. But once they landed on The Visionary Planner, they were finally able to build a successful online business

This gave Greg and Kelly all the peace-of-mind they needed. Just ask Greg: “We researched other options but The Visionary Planner answered all the questions we had. So it was no question.” 

Clarity, Strategy, and Support Brought The Spark Back

According to Greg: “Almost immediate ROI. From my standpoint, it was a flawless roll out. We’re growing continually — every year (thanks to The Visionary Planner).”

For Kelly: “The Visionary Planner lets us run our online business from anywhere in the world. As long as there’s WIFI, we can run our online business without fear or failure. The Visionary Planner gives you clarity, strategy, and support.”

Freedom and Opportunity are Available Online

Just because Rome wasn’t built in a day doesn’t mean you can’t get online in just 6 months. And if that’s the quickest path anyway, why not just make the investment?

To poach some more of Greg’s wisdom: “If you’re looking for freedom in business, and being able to control your destiny, then consider The Visionary Planner. The online business world is now open to everybody… and it’s never going away. People are comfortable online and the opportunity is there. Getting online is a ‘necessity’ at this point.”

If you can hear opportunity knocking, then click here to discover how to build your very own online business in 6 months flat. Start your free trial of The Visionary Planner today, no credit card required. 

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