From Community Leadership Coach To Global Leadership Coach: Kimberly McAdams’ Success Story

reviews Jun 13, 2021

Back in 2015, when online business was just a baby, leadership coach Kimberley McAdams dreamed of building a successful online business to make a bigger impact on the world. Kim was way ahead of the game.

She saw others like her slowly making their way online and felt like she could build a successful online business too. She was like: “I want what they have.” But how did Kim get what she wanted? Or, did she get what she wanted? 

Read on to find out.

Getting Online Is Not a DIY Project

Kim’s foray into online business before The Visionary Planner was a rocky road. Loaded with potholes and pitfalls she couldn’t anticipate. “I was trying different platforms to figure out my message, my audience’s pain points, and how to present myself. But I was just throwing spaghetti against the wall trying to see what sticks.”

For most entrepreneurs, building an online business is like playing a guessing game. Unfortunately, it’s always a losing one. Frustrated, Kim questioned herself: “Am I in the right niche? Do I even have the right message? Is this actually my purpose?”

Maybe you can relate: You’re doing everything you can to build an online business and it’s never enough. For example, the automation technology is complicated, and how on earth do you get people to respond on social media?

Kim even called on her friends and family for help: “I was hitting up family and friends for connections (lol). Pumping my social media feed and getting like 6 or 7 likes. I was struggling to clarify my message.”

Let’s take a look at how The Visionary Planner helped Kim rise above the noise so she could build a successful online business in record time.

Confidence Restored, Kim’s Online Business Was Set to Soar

Kim launched a new business online: Allied Co: A leadership consulting firm. Her self-confidence restored, now she’s working with clients she would have only dreamed of getting access to back in the days before The Visionary Planner.

Plus, she’s “no longer questioning her message.”

Kim followed The Visionary Planner’s step-by-step system and built a sustainable foundation that’s allowed her online business to blossom into a successful one.

“I’m way more confident in my message, myself, and the results I can help people get.”

Since joining The Visionary Planner, Kim’s even had two partners come aboard her online business. Greatness is contagious. Together, they’re working on a way bigger scale now. “Having a signature online system saves us time and money, and is much easier for us to sell.” 

And that’s because? “The Visionary Planner streamlined the process (of building an online business) for us.” 

If You’re Willing to Work, Then You’re Ready to Win

The Visionary Planner declutters your online business. Sliding away time-consuming tasks through the ease of automation technology and online platforms like Kajabi. Leaving you more time to think about “What’s Next.” 

If you’re coachable and motivated, then The Visionary Planner will help you get to the next level. You work your online business, and we’ll guide you along. Just like we’ve guided so many of our students, including Kim:

“The Visionary Planner cut to the chase: It’s just do this first, then that. The framework’s already in place, all you have to do is connect the dots (to build an online business).”

So get out of your head, off the fence, and take it from Kim:

“If you’re on the fence, then this is your sign. Don’t hold back. The Visionary Planner is a worthwhile investment.”

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