From Idea To Action — How Robin Legat Transformed a Podcast Into An Online Business

reviews Jul 18, 2021

Robin Legat thought about getting online way before ‘pandemic’ was even a word in our vocabulary. 

Robin was—and is—the host of a popular podcast for athletes over 40. That’s all well and good, but she identified one major problem: The podcast could only inspire people. She wanted to find a way to take it to the next level, by going from inspiring to helping and turning her podcast into something tangible.

In her words: “It feels good to inspire, but it feels better to help.” She knew her podcast alone would never cut it. Let’s take a look at how she turned her idea into action and began building an online business capable of helping her listeners no matter where they live. 

Robin Was Paralyzed By the Unknown

“How do I turn the concept of my podcast into an online business and online course?”

That was the question Robin needed help answering. This idea sat in the back of her mind every time she hit record or pushed publish on a new podcast episode. But she didn’t know what to do, nor who to turn to. Paralyzed by the unknown, she needed some guidance to start building her online business.

She Needed Coaching, Connecting, & Community—And She Got It

Robin credits The Visionary Planner for helping her turn a seed of an idea into an online business.


The coaching, connecting, and community. Per Robin: The Visionary Planner is “the only place where you get all three—that’s the difference.”

Rather than starting with a website (a mistake most new online entrepreneurs make), The Visionary Planner helped Robin land her online marketing, audience, and method first. With clarity on these 3 key things, she was finally able to move forward. And in her words, this made building her online business “so much easier.”

Plus, she was connecting with a team of students in her same shoes. They helped elevate each other every step of the way.

Our Unique Sell-Before-You-Solve Method Gets You Up & Earning Right Away

With all the support in the world, Robin launched a 12-week online course before she even built the course by following The Visionary Planner’s one-of-a-kind, build-as-you-go approach.

Think about that: She was driving online sales before she built her solutions. That’s the smarter approach to online business building most people miss because it’s only taught inside The Visionary Planner.

Per Robin: “Build as you go was the best route. It helped me stay sane.” The truth is most people go crazy trying to build their online business without a clear plan of attack—we keep it simple, streamlined, and step-by-step, so you maintain your sanity.

Mission Accomplished: Now Robin’s Helping And Inspiring

She’s developed a signature system and online course that almost sells itself. She’s kept in touch with other Visionary Planner students to continue to elevate each other. And she now helps all those podcast listeners who crave more than inspiration through her online business.

Robin uses the word “grateful” when talking about her Visionary Planner experience. Just as she is grateful for us—we are grateful for passionate students like her.

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“I constantly credit The Visionary Planner for how I got started. I’d have no online business without it. The Visionary Planner was instrumental in turning my ideas into something tangible.”

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