How to Beat Burnout By Building An Online Business: Kiki Magnuson’s Path to Freedom

review Jun 01, 2021

Running a brick-and-mortar offline business can be more limiting than liberating. Just ask Kiki Magnuson — She’s been in fitness since 2013. As an independent contractor, she “felt like a slave to the companies she worked for.”

Kiki was totally swamped.

So she attempted an escape, but trying to build an online fitness business after-hours only led to burnout, and cost Kiki her freedom. If she was ever going to live life on her terms and beat burnout once and for all, Kiki needed to reach people beyond her Sacramento zip code, stop running a business upon in-person training alone, and build a successful online business.

Everybody Needs An Organized Gameplan

Initially, Kiki had no structure. And testing the online business waters without any structure, plan, or guidance was like rowing into a hurricane. Kiki was interacting with clients, but having difficulty matching her skills with their needs.

She felt that she was giving her people “Everything at once” but it only overwhelmed them. She also wanted more time to work toward her online business instead of constantly driving to different clients and locations (her car had become her second home and she wasn’t earning much on every mile she was racking up).

Kiki desperately needed a way to deliver her coaching through a well-structured and organized online business. She had no idea how her online business could be sustainable without a concrete gameplan.

From Feeling Like a Lost Puppy to Unleashing a Successful Online Business

While trying to build an online business, Kiki felt “like a lost puppy.” Maybe you’ve felt that way too…

So when she heard about The Visionary Planner, and the step-by-step roadmap we provide, it caught her attention—perhaps she was done spinning her wheels once and for all. So she took a shot on The Visionary Planner.

Now Kiki can reach people anywhere. She doesn’t need to be in-person to deliver results for her clients. Her processes are supported by automation technology, so she’s not doing any more manual labor than she needs to. And she has the luxury of expert coaches, fill-in-the-blank marketing templates, and every tool she could need to build, grow, and optimize her online business all in one place.

That’s all it took for Kiki, and it was all she needed: “The Visionary Planner is my online mentorship. They are the company that has helped me build my online company.”

With An Online Business, Your Possibilities Are Endless

Now that Kiki is sprinting ahead thanks to her online business, things “are enjoyable, instead of time-consuming.” Better yet, she feels like “her possibilities are endless.” 

That’s what happens when you discover how to start an online business

For Kiki, changing lives is fun again. “People are valuing me for my hard work and expertise. Having this structure to my online business was life-changing.” 

If you’d like to soar into the online business space like Kiki, then discover the step-by-step system hundreds of entrepreneurs have used to build a successful online business from start to finish in record time. Click here to book your free trial of the Visionary Planner today!

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