From Maxed Out to Maximum Impact: How Adrienne Wiped Away Her Stress Online

reviews Aug 22, 2021

Like many hard-chargers, Adrienne had maxed out her time training seniors offline. But working around the clock wasn’t her only problem: She’d realized her clientele’s needs were far greater than what she was currently providing through in-person fitness classes. 

Adrienne knew she couldn't clone herself (no matter how bad she wanted to), so she turned to The Visionary Planner to help serve her clients better, reach more people, and free up her time by building an online fitness business.

Her Stress Was Stressing Her Family Out

“I was overwhelmed and annoyed, because I knew I could make more money and serve more people if I could just get online.” But she was being pulled in “3,000 directions between her personal and professional life.” 

As a matter of fact, Adrienne was so stressed she’d get sick out of nowhere. Even worse, she felt that stress transferring to her family and her marriage. However, there was one thing preventing her from making a change.

The Technology Was Paralyzing Her

Visionaries, as we like to call them, often turn to us due to their fear of tech and/or the confusing and overwhelming world of  automation technology. In Adrienne’s case, the tech was a “huge issue.” Even as she tried to figure it out herself, she realized just getting the tech down wouldn’t be enough to build a successful online business.

First things first, The Visionary Planner helped Adrienne get over her fear of automation technology by introducing her to Kajabi, an all-in-one platform for hosting an online business. From there, we helped her install easy-to-use tools and automation technology to support Kajabi and maximize its capabilities for her online business

With the tech out of the way, Adrienne had newfound confidence, a crystal clear path forward, and the guidance she needed to dial in the rest of her online business.

Adrienne Needed Help With Her Messaging, Marketing, and Method

With the right automation technology in place, The Visionary Planner had more work to do. After all, tech alone isn’t enough to attract an audience, build an online course, and scale your services. We needed to take Adrienne back to the basics to master her online marketing messaging, and method. 

Adrienne enjoyed the process because she had so much confidence in it. She loved having “access to the people who created the program.” Which is still the case with today’s version of The Visionary Planner. Not only did it maximize her trust in the program, it also gave her reassurance that she’d always have expert help when she needed it.

Plus, she tapped into our “incredibly passionate community of students.” Per Adrienne, “VP feels like a family that wants you to succeed.”

She’s Experiencing the “Greatest Joys of Her Life” From Her Online Course

With her online business now up and earning, Adrienne says she’s had some of the “greatest joys of her life” watching people go through her online course. That alone made her investment in The Visionary Planner worth it. 

Plus, she’s darn proud of herself (as she should be). “I gained so much in a short time. I’ve become a better person because of The Visionary Planner.”

Stop And Breathe With a Free Trial of The Visionary Planner

With automation technology and Kajabi doing some of the heavy lifting for her online business, Adrienne can finally take time to “stop and breathe”. 

The stress that was leaving her sick and crippling her family is long gone. And she’s scaling her services while impacting more people.

If you’re on the fence about building your online business through The Visionary Planner, Adrienne says, “Remember, you’re not alone. With the Visionary Planner you have a team supporting you.”

Honestly, that might be all you need. And her advice to you is simple, don’t wait.

“You won’t regret doing VP. Get ahead of the game and get online now—because if you don’t, you might regret it years from now.”

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