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Tamra Fleming Spent 15 Years And $700K Trying To Get Online Before She Found The Visionary Planner

reviews Aug 01, 2021

Tamra Fleming desperately needed an online business roadmap. A professional lifestyle coach and training specialist since the early 2000s, Tamra felt scattered, tired, and above-all, frustrated after spending 15 years trying to build an online business

Tamra was gunning for passive income, she just didn’t know which of her services would drive online sales. So she scoured the web for online courses, searching for direction, but only ended up wasting energy spinning her wheels.

Read on to see how The Visionary Planner lifted Tamra’s frustrations, and let her talents take flight online.

Missing Links, Lost Connections, and Lost Income

Tamra had done it all—but nothing was working. She’d been trying to build an online business for over 15 years. Luckily, two decades of missteps gave her clarity on what she was missing:

“The missing link for me was the structure and step-by-step system to be able to build something that works. And to be able to test it, refine it, and get it to be the thing that people will buy.”

Tamra knew her problem, she just didn’t know how to solve it. That’s where The Visionary Planner came in.

She Tried Every Course, But Built Nothing

For Tamra: ”It wasn’t until The Visionary Planner, that I actually sat myself down to do the work required to make something stick. The track record and tried-and-true system of The Visionary Planner gave me something I could trust.”

Trusting that her guidance was in the right hands, Tamra focused on building her online business the right way and hit the ground running:

”The Visionary Planner system makes sure I’m not missing any pieces. Everything is covered in The Visionary Planner — before that, I tried everything. Tried everybody else’s online courses. But never built anything from that.”

Tamra’s online success was long past due. The mentorship provided by The Visionary Planner brought her online business back on track.

Just ask Tamra: “The Visionary Planner’s mentoring is consistent, valuable, and direct. You guys bend over backwards for us, like nobody else I’ve ever experienced.”

”You Can’t Not Succeed” With The Visionary Planner

After working with our team, here was Tamra’s review: ”Nothing but 10 stars to give you guys at The Visionary Planner. Truly a mind-blowing experience. I feel like I’m underpaying :). 

Nothing really worked for me until this. So much support I can’t take advantage of it all. No other program I know is like it.”

The positive themes keep emerging: Support, mentorship, guidance.

That took the cake for Tamra: “The Visionary Planner is more authentic, teachable, and reachable. Nobody could understand what I was talking about before. The Visionary Planner is messaging magic.”

And all of the above has boosted Tamra’s confidence: “Before The Visionary Planner I was doubting myself. Now? I’m courting new followers and sales calls.”

Now Tamra can focus on the work she’s put in since Y2K: ”If you do the work, show up, and follow The Visionary Planner system, you can’t not succeed.”

And Tamra would know: ”I’ve spent 700K over 15 years before trying The Visionary Planner and finally getting my dreams off the ground.” The truth is building an online business doesn’t need to cost that much, nor take that long.

Join the Family With a Free Trial

Tamra’s success after 15 years of spinning her wheels is truly inspiring. But what if you’re the one stuck spinning your wheels and feeling scattered trying to build your own online platform? Are you willing to waste your hard-earned income in the hopes of uncertain ROI?

If not, take it from Tamra: “Get off the fence. If you’ve tried everything else and it has not worked, then this is the home for you. The Visionary Planner is staffed by professionals who care, and offer so much support. It’s like family — Other programs just take your money without adding value.”

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