Giving Back & Paying Forward: How A Breast-Cancer Recovery Coach Took Her Uplifting Message Online

reviews Jul 04, 2021

Laura Lummer is a breast-cancer recovery coach who loves her work and loves what she gives back through it: Helping survivors of breast cancer deal with post-recovery trauma while providing them with a new vision for life.

But Laura lacked a vehicle to properly serve her online community. Personally, she found getting online to be a confusing and overwhelming waste of time. Building a successful online business around her niche just didn’t feel like it was in the cards.

Laura Felt Like She Had Money Going Out In Every Direction

What really irked Laura, was how building an online business has become so involved: “There are so many different tools (and online platforms). It’s all: use this software, use this app, these websites.”

“It felt like I had money going out in every direction without a clear sense of direction for myself.”

Yikes. Read on to see how The Visionary Planner steadied Laura’s course, and focused her investment so she could build a successful online business without spending a fortune.

Laura Had a Clear Vision, But Lacked a Clear Strategy

Laura did not approach building an online business lightly. In fact, she tried just about everything: “I was listening to podcasts, going through other online courses, but nothing was matching the vision of what I wanted to build.”

Laura ultimately felt scattered and overwhelmed. “It led me to stop pushing forward… because I was so unsure.”

Luckily for Laura, this was nothing new to us because our students face this problem all the time: Self-doubt. A crisis of confidence that prevents you from sharing your skills with a wider audience. Since you already have the expertise in your field, all you need is a crystal clear plan and the right mentoring to see yourself as the Visionary you are and confidently build an online business.

The Visionary Planner’s online business-building roadmap was a huge draw for Laura: “Knowing there was a plan. The Visionary Planner aligned my vision with where I wanted to go. And the process made sense.”

Let’s take a look at how The Visionary Planner reignited Laura’s confidence, and steered her towards building a successful online business.

Ordinary Courses and Coaching Wouldn’t Cut It

Unlike what other coaches and online courses were suggesting she do, Laura wanted to build something that was professional. She didn’t want her online brand to look like just another mom-and-pop page that you see all over your Facebook news feed. 

She wanted to create an online business that was unique, elegant, and above all: scalable.

Through The Visionary Planner, Laura put in the work and learned how to achieve those results with easy-to-use automation technology, marketing templates, proven tools like Kajabi, and mentoring that made building a successful online business as simple as humanly possible.

Since using The Visionary Planner, Laura has built an online business, website, online course, and even a membership program. 

“The Visionary Planner took all of my ideas and got them out into the world by putting them into a branded, online system. This made my ideas marketable, and my messaging clear.”

Getting online helped Laura grow with her business. A business she didn’t have to shut down for remodels and renovations. Not only does The Visionary Planner help get your online business off the ground, we love watching you soar.

Laura Felt Like She Did the Impossible

“The Visionary Planner is the whole package to start an online business. It’s impossible to overvalue the support and coaching.”

Laura 3x’d her investment in The Visionary Planner in just her first year. She’s also nabbed more than 100K downloads of her very own podcast.

“I feel like no matter what happens in my business, in the world, in my life, I can pivot because I now understand The Visionary Planner system.”

And there is nothing like the comfort of certainty in an uncertain world.

Time is Something You Can’t Get Back—Here’s How to Make the Most of It

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