How A Precision Nutrition Coach Found A Precise Approach To Building A Successful Online Business

reviews Jul 11, 2021

Megan Wollerton was wearing herself out and killing her car. Putting 1,000 miles on her axles every month just to keep up with her clientele. 

Imagine putting in 1,000 miles on your car. Every. Single. Month. You’d never be home to hang with your family or kick back on the couch. Instead, you’d be battling traffic everywhere you go, and probably losing money behind the wheel.

Read on to find out how Megan started an online business, streamlined her time, and stopped wasting her time, energy, and money in the driver’s seat.

Megan Was Going Everywhere and Getting Nowhere

For Megan, the grind was getting old. Her day was scattered between being a great parent and trying to build a successful business.

But those two goals intersect, don’t they?

Megan tried out different online platforms to build her online business. She even had her own app developed — but when she took it to market, it drowned in a sea of others. Differentiating herself felt impossible.

So it got Megan thinking: “How do I pull myself out and scale? How do I build (an online business) that’s different?”

The Logical Logistics of The Visionary Planner

Megan’s issue wasn’t just building an online business. It was the online marketing, branding, and strategic planning that goes with it.

So The Visionary Planner gave Megan a teaching map, and showed her how to create the curriculum of an online course. A framework that could deliver results for Megan’s clients — with or without her. Then, we made selling easy by helping her install simple automation technology to do the heavy lifting for her.

The result? A signature online course that generates online sales and results around the clock. Better yet… no more commute needed. Now Megan stands out and serves more people—without being stuck behind the wheel.

“People love my online business because nobody else is doing it like I’m doing it. Nobody else is doing it with everything packaged together, like it is with my signature online system.”

Step Out of the Crowd, and Stand Out in the Market Online

“The Visionary Planner gave me the tools to build an online business and market it; those were the two things I needed most. The step-by-step online system of The Visionary Planner encompasses not only what you do online, but the online marketing behind it — so you can stand out.”

Think that’s all you need to hear. But Megan had some advice to share, too: “Biggest advice: Don’t try to do it yourself. Don’t put the cart before the horse.”

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