When A Gen-X’er Life Coach Didn’t Know How To Get Online, The Visionary Planner Gave Her A Game Plan

reviews Jun 21, 2021

Lara Marie Tsitouras’s passion is helping amazing women find theirs. For years she’s helped them achieve clarity in their careers, and more confidence in their own skin. But Lara wanted to reach farther and help more people by building a successful online business.

Despite Her Skepticism, Lara Discovered She Could Replicate Her Offline Results Online

Building an online business is overwhelming if you go at it alone. Just ask any of our hundreds of students who we taught how to start an online business.

It was the same for Lara: “I was not a techie person, I graduated school before the internet even came out (lol).” She was cynical about building an online business and rightfully so: “I didn’t think I could create the same connection (on an online platform) with my clients as I could one-on-one” 

Oddly enough, now she thinks the online platform actually “brings in more intimacy.” But that’s for later. Read on to see how The Visionary Planner solved Lara’s problems, and helped her build a successful online business that replicated—and even exceeded—her offline results.

Lara Found Her North Star Inside The Visionary Planner

Lara wanted to be able to work anywhere in the world and serve the clients she wanted to serve. But she found it impossible to create any kind of reliable connections. Every node in her new network felt like it was frozen. She was totally stuck on her online business journey.

This is a common—and legitimate—concern of anybody considering building an online business, especially if they’ve already had success offline. Not only do you wonder if you can recreate the results you’re already getting with clients on an online platform, but with so many competitors online, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle.

Lara was missing her North Star because she never had a guide. Luckily, she found one with The Visionary Planner: “The Visionary Planner team is so understanding and patient. Nothing ever seems like it’s too much for them. The time they take is amazing. Not only technical, but emotional support too.”

The Visionary Planner Made the Process Surprisingly Fun

Lara built an online business from scratch thanks to The Visionary Planner. She had to put in the work, but her effort came with results: “The Visionary Planner is so rewarding: I can set up a sales page, connect to a thank you page, embed forms and more.” 

Our easy-to-use tech tools (like Kajabi) and marketing templates helped her set up a website, sales page, email funnels, sales funnels and other crucial online marketing assets to serve as the foundation of her online business. Plus, thanks to our automation technology, Lara can sell her online course and programs without lifting a finger.

Remember: Lara was new to this. As are most of our students. But our all-in-one online system makes it simple to succeed in online business, so you never get lost, confused, or overwhelmed along the way.

And Lara’s even had fun in the process: “Learning to implement these things has been so enjoyable, because working with Kajabi is so easy.” The marketing templates, tools, and coaching we provide is truly unmatched. That’s what our students keep telling us.  

Just ask Lara: “I think you have the greatest program out there.” Said another way: “I don’t think any other (online business) program gives as much — you cover absolutely everything.”

Her words, not ours. We’ll take them.

You Bring the Idea, We Bring the Rest

Don’t let the devils in the details stop you from building a successful online business. All the overthinking, researching, and self-doubt isn’t getting you anywhere. The truth is, all you need is an idea and expertise—then we’ll help make magic happen. 

Take it from Lara: “If it’s in your heart, or an idea you feel you need to share with the world -- do it. When you finally take action, your dreams come alive.”

“It’s a big world, and there’s enough for all of us.”

So get yours, and get online. Click here to book your free trial of The Visionary Planner today!

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