Corporate Captive Is Set Free By The Visionary Planner

reviews Aug 15, 2021

Working around the clock for the proverbial man was driving Clay Manley—along with his wife and cat—crazy. He was greeted by a pitch-black parking lot at his corporate copywriting gig at 6am and 6pm almost daily.

He knew the only way to take back his health and happiness was to build his own online business. But after previously trying his hand at entrepreneurship without a plan in place, he wouldn’t quit corporate and sacrifice the perks of the job without a crystal clear plan of attack to start a successful online business.

Clay Finally Punched His Ticket Out of Corporate

Before becoming head of copy at the aforementioned enterprise, Clay had previously fallen into freelancing with the hope of building his own online business. But without a strategic plan in place, he was undervaluing his services and taking on just about every project that came his way (including those he wasn’t passionate about). 

With no plan to push him forward and nobody to guide him when the going got tough in the online business world, he decided it was time to go back to the status quo; a full-time nine-to-five.

But the same problems most experience at traditional nine-to-fives reared their ugly heads again. The culture, commute, and lifestyle weren’t what he was looking for. Long days turned into long nights at the office. The stress was eating him and his wife alive. And he felt like he was built for something better than what he was getting from his boss. 

With the help of The Visionary Planner, he confidently turned in his 2-weeks and launched his very own online business.

The Visionary Planner Revealed a Better Way to Build A Business

Clay had been “stabbing in the dark” searching for a way out of corporate and a way into online business. The Visionary Planner drew him in because it offered a better way to build an online business than traditional freelancing. 

Plus, the freedom lifestyle and the ability to scale online were two of his top goals. If he was going to make it on his own, he was determined to build a successful online business this time.

Per Clay: “VP helped me realize what I love and what I’m best at, it challenged me to think in a different way, and gave me a clear path forward for building an online business. As I completed the program, I continuously leveled up my skill, talent, and vision.” 

“My confidence and clarity have transformed thanks to The Visionary Planner.”

Now He’s “Happier, Healthier, and Wealthier”

Clay credits The Visionary Planner for helping to make him “happier, healthier, and wealthier.” He exceeded his corporate salary in 6 quick months and is making a “bigger impact than he ever could have hiding in the shadows of giants” at billion-dollar corporations. Plus, his online course is on the way.

Per Clay, “I feel in control of my life. For example, I hadn’t gone out for lunch on a weekday in years—now I get lunch with my wife every Wednesday.”

Imagine that. He adds: “I've always had tough jobs, stress, and anxiety. But now there’s so much less stress” because I have an online business.

”The Visionary Planner Helped Change My Life In the Best Way Possible”

The Visionary Planner’s “step-by-step and start-to-finish approach” is what stood out to Clay and what he believes is our secret to online business success.

As for you? He says as long as you have expertise and ambition, The Visionary Planner is right for you. However, both of those things are non-negotiable if you want to build a successful online business.

“To my knowledge, there’s nothing else like The Visionary Planner out there. It’s changed my life in the best way possible. I just wish I’d found it sooner.’

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