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How Andrew Simpson Built An Online Empire That Makes His Offline Business Even Better

reviews Aug 08, 2021

Andrew Simpson is a long-time brick-and-mortar business owner. His fitness facility has always had a loyal clientele, but he wanted to reach more people by building an online fitness business

Let’s take a look at what he did right (and wrong) on his journey online and where The Visionary Planner helped him fill the gaps.

The “Shotgun” Approach Never Works

Andrew was first motivated to build an online business because he saw others in the industry doing it. Plus, he saw the benefit of “not having to trade hours for dollars any longer.” At the time, he was trying to systemize his offline business so he could stop feeling like he was living there. 

Here’s the problem: Just the thought of starting an online business seemed “insurmountable.” So he tried just about everything to simplify the process: It was a “shotgun approach” of online courses, quick fixes, and random stuff that never panned out. 

After trying everything to get nowhere fast, things changed when Andrew found The Visionary Planner.

Andrew Developed a Signature System

One of the key differences between The Visionary Planner and every other online business-building program is the development of your signature system. It becomes the backbone of your online business and the crux of every offer you make. More importantly, it makes everything about building an online business “less stressful and less complicated.”

Andrew credits The Visionary Planner’s structure, community, and step-by-step plan for helping him build a signature system as the catalyst of his online business. By creating a signature online system, online sales became easier, he had instant credibility, and his online marketing was great.” 

Andrew sums it up like this, “Thanks to my signature system, life is a lot better.”

Why The Visionary Planner Works

The Visionary Planner helps you push past discomfort, and experience victories as you build an online business. Andrew appreciated that “he had a hand to hold through all the unknowns,” and a simple and streamlined approach that finally made sense of the complex world of online business

Plus, there were “no excuses, no distractions, and no quitting because you’re doing it alongside a community of people going through the same things.”

He took pride in being part of a community “aiming to make a difference in the world.” With a supportive network, trusted experts, and a signature online system to rely on, Andrew built a successful online business in record time. 

His Online Business Made His Offline Business Better

Andrew's offline business is growing faster thanks to his online business. And his signature online system has allowed him to sell a “variety of different offers online and offline” (we call this your ‘offer suite’). 

Now that he knows how to create essential online marketing assets, sales funnels, email funnels, and more, Andrew is actually helping his team build brands underneath his online business. They’re all growing together!

In his words, “The Visionary Planner is the machine to build your online business, build a better future for yourself, scale your impact, make some money, and enjoy doing it.” 

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