Two Successful Yogis With One Big Problem: Building a Successful Online Business

reviews Jun 27, 2021

Yani and Lara owned a yoga studio for going-on 20 years. Keeping it full wasn’t their problem: It was the monotony. The fact that, somehow, they were plateauing at the top. In their words, they “were in a rut” and ready for more.

Like most of our students, they dreamed of making a bigger impact on the world by building an online fitness business. Read on to find out how they did just that.

Yani and Lara Felt Lost On Their Own

Yani and Lara wanted to build an online business to enhance the successful brick-and-mortar business they already had. They dreamed of online workshops, online courses, and other resources to serve as the backbone of a sustainable and successful online business.

But first they needed to nail the logistics. That’s where, like most, they were totally lost. It’s easy to dream and hard to execute when you’re brand new to online business

Luckily, they had the right help.

Rip Open the Instruction Manual to Get Online

The Visionary Planner guided our yogis online and got clients interested in what they had to offer through their online fitness business. One of the first things we introduced them to was Kajabi, one of our favorite online platforms and our no. 1 recommendation for anybody building an online business.


Because it makes tech easy. Like Yani said, “I am the guy who reads the instructions, I like having all the steps in the process. Once you have the steps dialed-in, you can take that formula anywhere and adapt it to anything.” 

With The Visionary Planner you don’t need to outsource to anyone. Our systems are easy to navigate, and our expert support staff is among the best. Always there to help you build a successful online business.

“It’s nice to have instructions from somebody who did it and had been through all the problems. Instead of messing up and redoing. Time is money. And that’s a waste of both.”

Getting online also saved Yani and Lara’s viability during the pandemic: When few people could come through the doors, more ended up going to their online fitness business. It’s still business. They’ve just built a better one by going online.

Building Step-By-Step Is An Unfair Advantage

While some get online to escape the challenges of brick-and-mortar, Yani and Lara found building an online business made their brick-and-mortar business better — and they wouldn’t change that for the world.

Getting online with The Visionary Planner covers everything from online marketing and messaging that attracts your ideal audience to automation technology that systematizes online sales so you can take time back and take more control of your life. Best of all… it gives you extreme clarity.

The Visionary Planner gave Yani and Lara a “clear vision.”

Once you have that, prepare for your online business to take-off. Just like Lara and Yani. Since they got clear on their vision and followed the step-by-step online business-building roadmap we lay out, they’ve built a successful online business ROI’d through the roof.

Get Started With a FREE Trial

Getting online in 2021, and beyond, is a no-brainer. Things get done faster and smarter in online business, it’s where you make the most out of your money, and reach the most people. That’s not changing anytime soon.

If you’re stuck trying to build an online business, then The Visionary Planner is the perfect place to get started. If you don’t have a mentor, then it’s nice to meet you. 

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