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Our 7-Figure Sales Strategy Revealed [For You to Steal]


To quote A Tribe Called Quest… 

“Scared money don't make money.”

Point being: Until you crush your fear of selling, you won’t earn a damn thing. 

So before thumbing any further, say enough is enough. And stop (drop and destroy) the weird money mindset — once and for all. 

You can mingle in the online game and make a few bucks here and there...

… or you can build an evergreen, online empire that you and your family can count on for the rest of your lives by getting serious about sales. 



Our 7-Figure Sales Strategy



A successful sales strategy is consistent, repeatable, and scalable.

And we’re pulling back the curtain on ours, so you can see exactly how it’s done. 


Here are the 3 key components of the sales strategy we’ve used to build our 7-figure online businesses from scratch (like zero-dollars-coming-in scratch).

  • Distinction marketing
  • Automation
  • Funnels


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