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[CHECKLIST] 4 Steps To Do Social Media Marketing

social media marketing Dec 11, 2019

D.R.I.P Post Checklist  

Use this handy checklist so you can quickly create new blog content.  Keep in mind that a blog post can be written, filmed (video) or audio only (podcast).  

D - Develop Your Blog Post 

In this first phase you’re going to want to do proper research for creating your blog post.  What separates first class writers from everyone else is their ability to properly research their content.  This performs two specific goals.  The first is that the reader get exactly what they are looking for (because you’re basing your post off of finding out what content readers like).  Second, it helps your content get noticed (because you’re inserting SEO keywords into your content).

1. Come up with a Great Concept

As we say in Hollywood ‘It’s all about your content’.  If the idea you’re basing all your efforts on is not solid, then your ideas won’t hold up.  Great content should...

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