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Let’s talk wealth.

This is always on my mind.

We run businesses. We want to live more life now.

Wealth should be on your mind.



The fact that many people are not thinking deeply, intently, and purposefully about the creation, accumulation and keeping of wealth is why they are either broke, barely getting by, need to be in a job, or are always in scarcity mode.

Ever since my days as a trainer, and studio owner I had my eye on making 6-figures. It had a ‘sexy’ ring to it. It had a “my life’s troubles” would be over feel to it.

Making 6-figures meant I would never have to worry about rent, debt, paying credit cards, not being able to go out, and I could take legit vacations.

What I like about it now; having become a serious student of money and wealth, is the percents. As in % of people who actually achieved it.

Here’s some stats for you to cement in your mind: 1% of people are basically minting money. They are the...

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