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Moses would have made a hell of an entrepreneur…

I’m constantly asked how to get started in the game. And lately, I’ve been deferring to the guy who did it first. 

You see, the prophet who parted the Red Sea divided the waters without hesitation. 

And he didn’t have a guidebook to make that shit happen.  

Was it foot first? Hands first? Head first?

It doesn’t freakin’ matter... 

It’s about taking that first big step toward your dream. Or in Mose’s case, getting your darn feet wet. 

If you’re going to transform from ordinary to extraordinary, break free of mediocrity, and finally ditch the cubicle for a vineyard life of freedom, you have to make the pivotal decision to move forward.

And while it’s certainly hard, scary, and wildly intimidating, all the tactics, courses, and mentors in the world can’t do a damn thing for you if you’re not willing to take the freakin’...

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