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What Vision in the Vineyards is really like?


Hi, my name is Clay Manley and in May 2020, I attended Vito La Fata and Anna Renderer’s business-building retreat called ‘Vision in the Vineyards.’ 

DISCLAIMER: These are my unfiltered notes, revealing why I went, what it was like, and what I learned from the experience. 

If you’re skeptical, curious, or on the fence, this is for you.


[Part 1] En route.

Breathe, I tell myself, as a mixture of excitement and nervousness swirl in my head. 

It’s 1pm Friday. The sun beats down on the sleepy streets of wine country, as I slowly approach the gates of the La Fata estate. 

My car comes to a crawl and I spot Vito tending to the oasis-like infinity pool overlooking an acre of young vines. 

We exchange pleasantries and embark on the grand tour. Little does he know I’m already acquainted. Anxiety had me scour the web for every picture of this place I’d temporarily be calling home weeks before I arrived. 


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4 Simple Steps to Flawlessly Launch Your Online Business



You’re meant for more. It’s why you tapped this link, found me, and started scanning this post. 

More freedom, more money, more happiness, you name it...

And your online business can unlock it all — if you start right and start now.

So let’s get you unstuck. Let’s put an end to your worries, face your fears, and get your online business into the world. After all, you deserve more than the commute, cubicle, and crap that comes with your current gig, right? 

Take it from a duo (my wife and I) who have been there before: Follow these 4 simple steps to finally launch your online business — and instantly transform your life. 

This is the kind of stuff Anna and I both wish someone would have told us decades ago :). 

You could say we’re paying it forward...


Step 1: Get clear on who you need to become

You weren’t born a fitness professional, were you? 

Of course not. 

You didn’t wake up...

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