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[CHECKLIST] 4 Steps To Do Social Media Marketing

social media marketing Dec 11, 2019

D.R.I.P Post Checklist  

Use this handy checklist so you can quickly create new blog content.  Keep in mind that a blog post can be written, filmed (video) or audio only (podcast).  

D - Develop Your Blog Post 

In this first phase you’re going to want to do proper research for creating your blog post.  What separates first class writers from everyone else is their ability to properly research their content.  This performs two specific goals.  The first is that the reader get exactly what they are looking for (because you’re basing your post off of finding out what content readers like).  Second, it helps your content get noticed (because you’re inserting SEO keywords into your content).

1. Come up with a Great Concept

As we say in Hollywood ‘It’s all about your content’.  If the idea you’re basing all your efforts on is not solid, then your ideas won’t hold up.  Great content should...

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Little Known Perks Of Starting An Online Business With Your Family


Anna and I both built separate ‘at home’ businesses…

And our incomes really exploded when we teamed up and worked towards our grandest vision…to be the best parents we can be.

Whether you’re a parent or not, leveraging your passions with your spouse will help you both achieve the freedom lifestyle you’re after.

In the past, families would own physical ‘family businesses’. But those required massive overhead, staff and a myriad of endless headaches…

However, an online business comes with all the upside, and very little of the down (yes, there is tech to contend with, but when you follow our Visionary Planner System the tech seems to fade away).

We want you to build a business, and lifestyle, that lets you enjoy life for you and your family, so check out this brand new video and let us know what you think!

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You Can Learn A Lot In 7 Days

I’m writing this coming off a crazy whirlwind of events, lives transformed and brands being birthed!
In the space of 7 days, I went from…
Presenting and speaking at Todd Durkin’s 3.5 Day Mentorship...where I dropped the 5 Steps to Kickstart an Online Business that lets you have vision, the right audience, a solid message, signature method, and systems to automate it so you can live the life of your dreams.
It was a quick in and out, but you can do that, when you know what you’re meant to deliver and run the miles to be able to drop it hot like that. Having a signature talk in alignment with your offers is still in my mind one of the top ways to grow your list, brand and money.
This is something that can dramatically change how you grow your business.
Straight from SD, I hopped on red eye to fly to Puerto Rico to mastermind with Brendon Burchard in a secluded private locale where we could get away and plan for 2020...
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Teaching Map

Teaching Maps are tools which can help people remember content a lot easier than they would otherwise. Instead of presenting people with reams of detailed information, you give them simplified content and ideas that get right to the point. Not only will they remember the information that you gave them, but you will understand it better too. There’s a big difference between remembering something and understanding something, which is why Teaching Maps are so important. So let’s take a look at Teaching Maps and how they could help you connect better with your target Audience using your content.


The Importance Of Learning 

Remembering and understanding are the two main ways in which people come to learn anything. You can study and remember information from a book, but does that mean you will understand it? On the flip side, if you understand the content that you have been given, does that mean you will remember it? They’re two sides of the same coin.


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The 'Stress The Vines' Strategy


Stress is good for you. Makes your roots grow deeper. Hear me out. 


Is all stress bad? Not necessarily. 

You don't want to be overstressed to the point of fatigue or wipe out and it's just crushing your life, crushing your business. 

But not all stress is bad. And I learned this lesson now that we're in the wine industry and we've got our vines growing.

When I was in Italy, I learned from this old lady who ran a vineyard, the fact that in Italy it's actually illegal to water the vines! Because they actually want to stress them! Say what?!

This is when she shared that what happens with the grapes and the vines is this…

If water is too easily accessible, the roots of the vines only grow along the surface of the dirt and that makes them more susceptible to animals, to insects, to the climate, to drought, etc. 

And that when water is too easily available it actually makes the vines weaker.


So, in Italy (and most of Europe) they like to keep it...

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Communication 101


 The art of communication skills is next of kin to leadership. In other words, a great Leader is an outstanding Communicator - and vice-versa. So if you’d like to start delivering your message more effectively, let’s take a look at our top tips on growing your communication skills, and what makes communication such a uniquely effective tool.

Communication Has Always Been Important

The skill of showing initiative is simply to communicate effectively. Once, a long time ago, we were hunter-gatherers, wandering around in packs. Often, there was nobody in charge. Fights and battles broke out for dominance and in the absence of good communication, there was chaos. 

In time, we did begin to communicate. We found we were able to survive longer this way. If one leader-type came up with a solution that involved hunting for food in a certain forest, the rest of the “pack” took notice. 

The outcome was truly rewarding. Everyone in the pack ate. The...

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Discover the Secret to Success from the First Ever Entrepreneur


Moses would have made a hell of an entrepreneur…

I’m constantly asked how to get started in the game. And lately, I’ve been deferring to the guy who did it first. 

You see, the prophet who parted the Red Sea divided the waters without hesitation. 

And he didn’t have a guidebook to make that shit happen.  

Was it foot first? Hands first? Head first?

It doesn’t freakin’ matter... 

It’s about taking that first big step toward your dream. Or in Mose’s case, getting your darn feet wet. 

If you’re going to transform from ordinary to extraordinary, break free of mediocrity, and finally ditch the cubicle for a vineyard life of freedom, you have to make the pivotal decision to move forward.

And while it’s certainly hard, scary, and wildly intimidating, all the tactics, courses, and mentors in the world can’t do a damn thing for you if you’re not willing to take the freakin’...

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 Don’t worry if you’re not sure what a Lookbook is—it’s not complicated, even if it’s an unfamiliar word. A Lookbook is basically a series of design rules that dictate the exact style of your Brand. The point is so that anybody who works on the visual design of your brand identity knows exactly what they’re doing and how they’re going to do it, whether they code your site or do your logo design. With a Lookbook, you’re going to achieve absolute design consistency, which is exactly what you want.

Colors and Fonts in a Lookbook

The key reason why you’re going to need a Lookbook is design consistency. Visual Branding is built from a number of key components:

colors, fonts, logo design, shapes, and brand emotions. The point of your Visual Branding is to create an audience experience, and you want that audience experience to be consistent. So, let’s explore what that means. 

One example we’ll come back to time...

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The Unpopular Truth About Social Media


F*ck your following…

Well kind of...

Why? Because followers don’t mean dollars.  

Yup — no B.S. here.

That’s just one of several social media myths we’re busting in this blog.  

If you’re serious about transforming your social media presence into the cash flow you need to grow and sustain your message, and provide lifestyle ambitions to your family this one’s for you.  

Keep scrolling to discover the unpopular truths about social media...


Unpopular Truth 1: Your Following Doesn’t Matter

I know plenty of influencers with massive followings who aren’t making a dime. Sure, things look good from the other end of the screen, but they are just wantrepreneurs with juiced numbers.

If you’re living (and dying) by your number of followers, your online business needs a reboot ASAP. 

And if you’re letting those digits determine when you should finally unveil your products and programs,...

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Brand Hospitality

Brand Hospitality is where you have a friendly, generous reception and support for your Audience. Your Audience is essentially anyone who would consider buying any of your products or services.
So, if you are not generously, genuinely helping them, it’s not likely that they’ll have a great experience with you. The end result? They're going to go somewhere else. Or worse, they might even warn friends and family about your poor customer service.
Systems and Team Members are also part of your customer service, or Brand Hospitality. Together, they should help solve any problems and answer any questions that your Audience (or Guests) may experience while they're engaging with your Brand. Without these systems in place, it’s hard to really meet expected requirements and fulfill your obligations as a business.
If your Brand receives a customer support e-mail and then waits the weekend to send a response, you’re setting yourself...
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