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Visionary Commandments Pt.1

Uncategorized May 03, 2020

Every successful person has and follows a manifesto to steer and guide them. This allows them to make good choices so that they get the outcomes that they want in life. In this two-part segment, Vito and Anna talk about the visionary commandments that will make you live in alignment with the best on who you want to be. For the first installment, they talk about the first four commandments. Tune in to hear what these principles are so you can start defining the choices that will allow you to move forward in life. Plus, catch the next episode for the remaining six!


“Be intentional about what you are consuming and what you’re learning and investing your time in.”

-      Anna Renderer


In this episode:

  • Choose to rise from ordinary to extraordinary
  • Why you should not be defined by your past
  •  Always have an investor’s mindset
  • The importance of coaching programs and mastermind programs
  • You should possess extraordinary health and...
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How To Step Into Your Purpose And Avoid Self-Doubt


In this episode, Vito speaks with Rha Goddess, a passionate soul coach, author, and CEO of Move the Crowd.

Rha Goddess has inspired and empowered three million entrepreneurs and cultural Visionaries to take action and do what they love, leading them to financial freedom while making a difference in the world.

She’s here today to do the same for you.

You’ll hear how to find your calling, give yourself permission to take possession of it, and how to go after it today.

Stay tuned and be ready to give yourself the chance to go after what you truly want. 

“Permission only comes from YOU”
- Rha Goddess

Other Resources:

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How To Live Your Most Extraordinary Life Ever!


Do you want financial freedom, but can’t seem to find the right ideas to get you there?

Too many of us can relate to that struggle while missing that the answer has been in front of us the whole time.

In this episode, Vito and Anna, two passionate Visionaries helping people like you reach their freedom goals, share how they’re living joyful lives.

They dig into the five stepping stones that will take you from an ordinary life to an extraordinary one.

Tune in and take control of your future.


“Financial freedom needs to be about your ability to control the money that you make”
- Vito Lafata


Other Resources:

Rise of the Visionary Show Podcast Contest-


In this Episode:

-   Time freedom and the ability to control your own agenda 

-   Everything is a choice, so choose...

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Welcome to the Rise Of The Visionary Show


The Rise of the Visionary Show is a podcast designed to give you the tools, thinking, and process to live with more freedom for you, your family, and your business.


By following a proven system and listening to experts who have built businesses and brands that have delivered the freedom lifestyle time and time again, you too can break out of ordinary living and rise into a life of extraordinary.


Rise of the Visionary is hosted by Vito and Anna La Fata, internationally acclaimed business coaches, trainers, and speakers.


Go to for more info 


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The Prelude When the World Changes Forever

Uncategorized Apr 30, 2020

The Prelude When the World Changes Forever

Do you find yourself out of focus during this time of uncertainty? Because we fixate on our previous way of living, we may fail to recognize that the world is changing. In this episode, Vito and Anna share their insights on how you should face the challenges brought by the pandemic. They provide five fundamental principles to help you get on top of your game during a time when people are in shock. You can still be ambitious, and you can even grow. Now is not a time to sit and wait for someone to arrive, but a time to stand up and lead the charge to the future.

“Before it was a luxury. Well, those things are gone. Now, it's necessity and a must to have these things, or you ain't gonna survive this next thing.”- Vito Lafata

Other Resources-




In this Episode-

  • The importance of taking care of your health and fitness. It’s no longer managing to fit into your jeans,...
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How To Live The Life You Wish For


Are you looking for a faster way to get out of your mundane life and find your place as a Visionary?

In this episode, Vito and Anna share the defining moments in their lives that helped them break out of their ordinary lives and rise as Visionaries.

They give you the 12 clues you need to start living the life you’ve always wished for.

Say NO MORE to your daily routine, the 9-5 job you know is not for you, and let go of the things and people that are holding you back from your journey.

This doesn’t need to take years to achieve, so tune in and get ready to take action. 

“Never let judgment and opinions bring your dreams down”
- Vito Lafata

Other Resources:

Rise of the Visionary Show Podcast Contest-


In this Episode

-   Things you must accept and do before you start your business


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What to Do If You’ve Built a Low Tier Offer but Are Getting No Money?


Do you have a low-price ‘tripwire’ offer?

You know, something that sells for less than $100 bucks and is meant to give paying clients a sample of all the expertise you’ve got?

And if you have a low-price offer, is it making you enough cash?

The problem is that unless you have a high-ticket offer to sell on the backend (ex: a $2,500+ coaching program, mastermind, service or seminar) it’s impossible to earn enough with a low-priced offer and keep the lights on.

The thing is, a lot of the gurus taught our industry to start with a low-price offer.

And while that worked a few years back, it no longer is valid.


Because ad costs have skyrocketed.

So to recuperate your ad spend, you’ll need to build that big ticket offer that you can upsell.  That’s where the money (profits) starts to come in.

Now, don’t get us wrong.  You do need to have a low-price offer…but that should come AFTER you have something more expensive to offer...

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Should You Focus on Reoccurring Revenue 1st?


Should you build a low ticket membership site (recurring revenue) right when you start up?

I mean it sounds sexy, right? 

So many of our students (before they leverage the 10 Step Visionary Planner System) think, "I'm going to put a membership site together because I got this audience and they want more from me so I can quickly just get a few people in there, paying me on a monthly basis."

 That’s not the right way to think about things (more on that in a sec…)

Before we roll ahead, let’s go over a couple different scenarios on when it might be the right decision for you to launch a membership site, and when it might be a little too early.



1. How big is your Audience?

First you have to ask yourself, do you have a large enough Audience that if you put out a low ticket recurring revenue membership site ($20-$200 a month), it's going to be worth your time and effort (because it's going to take time to build a membership site and it’s...

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Crush It 2020: 3-Step Blueprint Guaranteed to Get You Freedom This Year


There’s no time to waste…

Each month, more than 500,000 new businesses hit the ground running. That means you’ve got more than 6 million (yes, 6 million) new competitors coming for your head over the next 365 days.

And with more and more opportunities to get in the game courtesy of the online space, that number is only growing.

So what are you waiting for? You gotta strike while the iron’s freakin’ hot. 

Whether you’ve been walking, jogging, or running toward your dreams, 2020 is the year to all-out sprint. No more waiting, wishing, and hoping. Let’s get you on-point to crush the decade, so you can finally escape — once and for all — that crappy corporate grind besieged by broken dreams.


Step 1: Get Crystal Clear On Your Vision

In this day and age, you can literally design your own lifestyle. How effing cool is that? Whether you have visions of running a business surrounded by lush, grape-bearing vines (guilty!) or...

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3 Powerful Secrets For You To Build Your Dream Life in the 2020's


Don’t get left in the dust…

Real talk: Shit is happening at lightspeed.

10 years ago, Pinterest had literally just launched. Instagram hadn’t seen the light of day. And Snapchat was just a muddled idea known as “Picaboo.”

So let’s not waste time reflecting — I could go on and on about how the last 10 years took me from debt-ridden studio owner to hosting aspirational retreats in my very own vineyard — but you’re here to get the master plan.  

As a hard-charger who knows there’s more to life than being a slave to the 9-5 grind, here’s how to win in 2020 and beyond:


Treat Control Like Currency

You’ve long heard me preach about the freedom lifestyle. It’s a euphoric feeling to control your own schedule, income, obligations, etc. Or as I like to put it, it finally places you in the driver’s seat of your own life (thank. freakin’. God.)

And the ability to grab the wheel and seize...

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