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Rising Above Welfare, A Limitless Mindset, Creating Your Dreams

Uncategorized May 27, 2020

Rising Above Welfare, A Limitless Mindset, Creating Your Dreams


This is part two of the interview edition, where it is Vito’s turn to ask all the questions so we can get to know more about Anna. In this episode, we look into Anna’s life, the trials and tribulations she went through growing up, moving out to Los Angeles, and the process it took her in creating her own brand. And by the end of this episode, find out how you can do your daily dream experience.


“I think that in your life, if you have failed, you’re way less fearful of failure. The more you fail, the more you realize that’s just part of growth.”

Anna Renderer


In this episode:

  • What it was like for Anna to grow up in welfare
  •  Why she liked having the leadership role
  • The impetus that sparked her decision of taking control of her career
  • How she met Vito in Los Angeles
  • The challenges that came with building her own brand
  • Anna’s advice for anyone who...
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How to Bet on Yourself and Confidently Be An Entrepreneur


In this episode, Vito and Anna speak to yet another inspirational Visionary.

At only 26 years old, Jess Jacobsen is the founder of Authentic Influence Media.

As a social media strategist, Jess is passionate about making a difference by building an authentic audience and helping small businesses grow their social media presence.

Today, she gives valuable tips on building confidence and betting on yourself.

If you’re an entrepreneur feeling ready to step up and take the right actions to get your business started and start rising as a Visionary, you need to tune in.

“Jump in and start even before you’re ready”
- Jess Jacobsen

In this Episode:

-   Jess’s motive for starting her business and how she actually did it 

-   How gambling works when it comes to betting on yourself

-   What gave Jess the confidence to build her business

-   Tactics she used to start her business

-   How Jess’s grandfather’s ...

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How To Craft your Mission and Serve at the Highest Level


YOU have what it takes to live out your dreams, but your mindset might be holding you back.

So how do you get your mind right?

Find out in this episode, where Vito speaks with Todd Durkin, the founder of Fitness Quest 10.

Todd is a personal trainer, motivational speaker, author, and an internationally recognized strength, speed, and conditioning coach.

He educates and inspires people all over the world to get their mind right and be the best version of themselves.

In this episode, he shares the valuable steps you need to take to get inspired by your mission in life and start taking action to serve the best way you know how while living a fulfilled life.

“Motivation is in your head… inspiration is in your heart”
- Todd Durkin

Other Resources

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How to Accept Love as the Strength that Leads to Success


In this episode, Vito speaks with Tatiana Arias, an entrepreneur, author, and the first Spanish-speaking woman to have achieved a 7-figure launch.

As the mentor behind the Financial Happiness system, Tatiana's passion is to help women all over the world live an abundant life, take possession of their dreams, and let love in.

Today she shares the journey of love that helped her overcome her struggles and give her the strength to accomplish her own dreams.

Get ready to be inspired.

“If your heart dreams about it, it already belongs to you”
- Tatiana Arias

Other Resources

In this Episode

-   Tatiana opens her heart about about her journey and what she won out of living life out of love 

-   The 3 step method Tatiana uses to get through her struggles 

-   Why you should let love in, and how to do it

-   How to accept that love is always...

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How to Repurpose Your Content and Share Your Message


In this episode, Vito speaks to Shaina Weisinger, a video production expert and the Founder and CEO of Repurpose House.

Shaina helps entrepreneurs realize the power and potential of the content they already have and helps them crush their content strategies.

Today, she is here to share some of her personal experience building a service-based business.

She also digs into her valuable tips for turning ordinary content into extraordinary repurposed content. Don’t miss it.


“A lot of people don’t realize what they’re sitting on”
- Shaina Weisinger

Other Resources


In this Episode

-   What made Shaina become an entrepreneur rather than working a corporate job

-   The defining moment in Shaina’s life and how she got her Vision to move forward

-   Challenges when getting her business started and how she dealt with them

-   How...

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How to Create Unstoppable Success by Becoming the Best Version of YOU


In this episode, Vito gets inspired by Niyc Pidgeon, a passionate Positive Psychologist, Certified High Performance and Success Coach, and a Young Business Person of the Year.

Niyc travels around the world, dedicating herself to helping women create happiness, empowerment, and unstoppable success.

Today, she shares valuable advice on how you can reach success, regardless of what you’re struggling with, by becoming the best version of YOU.

Tune in and find out how to own your truth and find your purpose.

“Focus on possibilities because you are more capable than you think”
- Niyc Pidgeon

Other Resources


In this Episode:

-   How Niyc helps people figure out what they want before becoming successful 

-   How to become the best version of you doing what YOU want

-   How to find...

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Visionary Commandments Pt.2

Uncategorized May 05, 2020

To conclude the two-part series, Vito and Anna complete the ten commandments by talking about the remaining six. In this episode, you will recognize the five categories of freedom, and how this affects your future along with the other commandments. These will truly help you live in alignment with what you want to create for your dream life experience. Stay tuned to discover how you can commit and become the best you!


“Do not lose sight of the vision and the mission.”

-      Vito Lafata


In this episode:

  • Build and defend the five freedoms in life
  • Why you should be willing to play the long game
  • The importance of accepting uncomfortable truths
  • The usefulness of not being so serious
  • The value of utilizing your voice for good and for growth
  • Why you should be evolutionary




Connect with Vito Lafata:


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How to Craft An Irresistible Offer In 3 Simple Steps

No offer? No moola. 

Sure, you can blog, post, and podcast all you want. But without a signature offer, you don’t have shit to sell.  

And offering your ‘service’ is commoditized. 

That’s why so many people bleed out, go broke, and give up on their online endeavors.  

And blasting out just any offer won’t cut it. Wrong offer, wrong time is rife in the virtual world. 

After years of wasting our own time, energy, and money, we discovered you must start with the right offer.

It’s called your signature ‘cash-flow’ offer. 

Here’s how to transform non-existent (and wimpy) offers into lethal conversion machines.


Start With a ‘Cash-Flow’ Offer

I teased it above… 

Your signature cash-flow offer is the bread and butter of success.

But you’ve probably never heard the terminology before. 

Here’s the deal: 

Your cash-flow offer is a bundled system of...

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Our 7-Figure Sales Strategy Revealed [For You to Steal]


To quote A Tribe Called Quest… 

“Scared money don't make money.”

Point being: Until you crush your fear of selling, you won’t earn a damn thing. 

So before thumbing any further, say enough is enough. And stop (drop and destroy) the weird money mindset — once and for all. 

You can mingle in the online game and make a few bucks here and there...

… or you can build an evergreen, online empire that you and your family can count on for the rest of your lives by getting serious about sales. 



Our 7-Figure Sales Strategy



A successful sales strategy is consistent, repeatable, and scalable.

And we’re pulling back the curtain on ours, so you can see exactly how it’s done. 


Here are the 3 key components of the sales strategy we’ve used to build our 7-figure online businesses from scratch (like zero-dollars-coming-in scratch).

  • Distinction marketing
  • Automation
  • Funnels


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Audience Is Everything: 3 Steps to Get Clear On Yours


Hello … is there anybody out there? 



Everytime I say that I think of Pink Floyd (totally dating myself).

But, crickets in your business are bad. 

That silence is a statement: If you’re shouting at everyone — hoping to catch someone — you’re heard by no one.

And now that everybody recognizes the future of business is virtual (shout out: coronavirus) the competition is ferocious.

If you can’t attract an audience, you can’t earn a dime online. 

99% of people in your shoes — a stat I’ve personally compiled coaching online entrepreneurs for more than a decade — are whitewashed in the virtual world because they prioritize blogs, branding, and things they don’t need yet, before they identify their ideal audience.

Massive mistake.

The first step to financial success in business is cutting through the noise and getting extreme clarity on who you serve.


3 Foundational Steps to...

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